Crane Services

Patient Equipment Rebuild, Inc. offers three levels of service for all American cranes: Remanufacture, Rebuild, and Refurbish. Most other crane models can also be refurbished or rebuilt. Any of your heavy equipment may also be restored to a "like new" appearance and dependable working condition. If you do not have a crane ready for remanufacturing, we can locate one ideal for your needs.

Remanufactured cranes will typically have an extended performance life of up to 20 years. Its "like new" appearance and increased lifespan are completed at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Patient Equipment Rebuild, Inc. will assign your remanufactured crane with a one year "bumper to bumper" warranty. A remanufactured crane reduces costly field repairs, downtime, and total cost of ownership.

Customize your remanufactured crane by choosing from a list of options, including power load lowering, a load moment computer, drum indicators, and air conditioning.

We inventory, clean, and inspect every component of your crane - any parts that do not meet our standards of quality and performance will either be repaired in our machine shop, or replaced with new, brand-name parts from the factory.

Your crane will be updated to the manufacturer's standards for the current-year make and model. An independent testing service certifies every weld and tests every component of your remanufactured crane.

Once your crane is assembled and passes our rigorous tests, your crane will be certified and fully warranted.

Our Rebuild Services make your crane run and look like new. Rebuilding your crane can extend its work life 10 years or more.

Refurbishing will make your existing crane look like new and it will be updated with system rebuilds according to your preferences and your equipment's needs.

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